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Dissecting the Alt Right Online: is the ‘Alt Left’ an Invention?


Article by Richard Rogers

The ‘Alt Left’ is a term that could be thought to describe the loose movement of anti-fascists (Antifa) and others opposed to the rising ‘Alt Right’, especially in the US but also in Europe. Or does it? Through a news and social media analysis, we found strong indications that the Alt Left as such is ‘fake’ or faux. Trump supporters have succeeded in creating a fictional anti-public, the Alt Left, associating it with violence, as a form of moral equivalency to the Alt Right after Charlottesville, and mainstreaming it in the news.


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View the video summary, "Alt Left", really?


Prof. Richard Rogers
Media Studies
University of Amsterdam


Just out:
R. Rogers (2019), Doing Digital Methods, London: Sage.