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ODYCCEUS Special issue "The Computational Analysis of Cultural Conflicts"

The overall goal of this special issue is to examine how the development and application of computational tools reconfigures social science research and, more specifically, the study of cultural conflict. The contributions to the collection come out of the ODYCCEUS research project, a large EU-funded research project, subsidized in the context of the FET Proactive funding scheme. ODYCCEUS brings together scholars in the natural sciences (physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians) and the social sciences and humanities (sociologists, geographers, media scholars) to develop new methods and tools for the study of cultural conflict.

The papers in this collection serve two purposes. First, they showcase the application of computational tools to the study of cultural conflicts. These tools have been developed by the contributors. Several of the tools are incorporated into the Penelope platform, which has been purposefully designed to facilitate the computational analysis of cultural conflicts. Second, they provide a substantive contribution to the understanding of different cultural conflicts within Europe, including the migration crisis, political polarization, the rise of populism and extremism, and anti-Semitism.

Fronties in Big Data Research Topic "The Computational Analysis of Cultural Conflicts"